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Sustainable & Ethical

Fidèle Sourcing is a sustainable sourcing agent in Australia. We’re carving out a niche space as one of the few reputable companies that devotes itself to helping the fashion industry source apparels manufacturers, leather goods and wholesale dealers who believe in, and practice, sustainable fashion processes and outcomes.

Fidèle Sourcing is an ideal location for sourcing Apparel, Home textiles, Garments accessories and Leather goods from Bangladesh and China.

Our services include product design, development, costing, manufacture, quality control, inspection and domestic and international delivery. We work closely with customs agent and make sure goods are delivered on time.

We also source and manufacture apparel goods for lots of retailers and businesses who want to stock items like Clothing accessories, home textiles, and leather products. So, if you’re interested in making sustainable fashion and home care part of your brand today, then simply reach out and we can reach an agreement on exactly what you’d like to stock.

What We Provide

Source Products & Manufacturers

As a sourcing agent in Australia, we help businesses find the products and manufacturing companies they need to produce the kind of apparel that aligns with their brand, catering to men, women, and kids. We specifically enable them to source sustainable and Ethical products and manufacturing processes, managing the entire process and keeping those companies accountable.

Supply Goods

Our strong supply chain enables our customers to have peace of mind that our team monitor and analyse the whole process to deliver goods to their destination in a timely manner and in a cost-effective way. Our network with customs agents and shipping companies are getting stronger as we grow.

We Create The Means To Sustainable Growth

We are professionals in sourcing the companies you need to build the business you want. We do our homework and conduct a detailed analysis of every manufacturer and wholesaler, getting clarity on every aspect of their process to make sure you end up with quality apparel that meets your ethical standards.
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