We Create The Means To Sustainable Growth

We Create The Means To Sustainable Growth

We are professionals in sourcing the companies

You need to build the business you want. We do our homework and conduct a detailed analysis of every manufacturer and wholesaler, getting clarity on every aspect of their process to make sure you end up with quality apparel that meets your ethical standards.

Our research and development team will even work with businesses to discover processes and designs that will cut costs and guarantee sustainable fashion that appeals to your target market.

Product Development
Quality Control
Worldwide Delivery

You can rely on us to deliver the following services:


We identify and investigate manufacturing and wholesale companies that align with your brand values and objectives


We will also track and contribute to your brand development and product design where appropriate, helping your company to engage productively with the supplier and manufacturer to produce the best quality for your market.


When we have found companies that are suitable for your purposes, we start building a relationship with them on your behalf, carefully probing their processes and model to guarantee long-term synergy.

Quality Inspection

As a sourcing agent, we also carry our own wares which include accessories, home textiles, and leather goods that your company is welcome to partake in as it is sustainable produced and ethically sourced.


Once everyone is comfortable forming a partnership, we will negotiate on your behalf, handling matters such as shipping costs, taxes, imports and exports, etc.


We identify and investigate manufacturing and wholesale companies that align with your brand values and objectives

What We Provide

We offer ethically produced products

Leather Trade

The leather industry in Bangladesh is continuously growing and the demand for quality leather goods around the world is higher than ever. To meet the demand for leather industries are working rigorously to supply while keeping industry standards.

We have a long history of working with tanneries and factories of finished leather goods. Our partners are well experienced and has a proven track record of making high quality leather goods for EU, USA, Australia, Japan, Singapore, South Korea and other countries.

Shipping / Logistics

Our expert team members always keeps current news on shipping modes and charges to your destination. Our job is to make sure that our customers get their goods on time and without extra hassle.

Amazon Seller

Amazon is one of the biggest market place in the world and getting bigger day by day. Most of Amazon sellers source their merch through Alibaba or AliExpress and often not quite happy with the final products they receive. We work with brands from all over the world and we know how important your customer is to you. So if you are on the market looking for next supplier, we got you covered.

Take Your First Step Towards Sustainable Fashion With Sourcing Agents Who Will Track Down Your Ideal Suppliers!

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